Enable/Disable Preview Hotkeys?

Is there any way to disable the hotkeys/shortcuts for the preview/published screens? or at least disable them while a user is typing in a field? Every time my test users are typing in a field and use a comma, it reloads the “home” page. Is this a bug?

Hi Andrew,

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this! To begin troubleshooting this, could you please confirm whether the “hint” style for the text field widget has been removed? Select your text field widget and navigate to the Interactions pane. Look for a “:hint” style at the top of this pane:

If the hint style has been removed, then this behavior could be due to a known issue that we have on file where text fields that do not include hint styling can allow page key shortcuts to fire when the “.” or “,” keys are entered into the text field. Please let me know what you find! :slight_smile: Thanks!