Enable multiple clicks on an object


proj.rp (684.7 KB)

Hi, i need to click on the meatball icon 2nd time after completing certain tasks from the first click to the meatball icon. I have attached my prototype file

step 1: click meatball icon
step 2: choose edit members
step 3: fill in email and click invite
step 4: close pop up
step 5: click meatball icon to repeat from step 2

I am stuck at step 5. please help.

and also, I can’t seem to capitalise “membername” rectangle from global variable

The action on the meatball icon is to show the “meatball popup” group which contains the “menu” group and the “greyout” shape.
Clicking “Edit Members” hides the “menu” group.
Clicking “exit” hides the “greyout” shape.
Clicking the meatball again doesn’t do anything because the “meatball popup” group is already visible, its contents are what are actually hidden.

In order to capitalize the name, you’re going to have to do some more splits on the email to extract the first letter and the letter right after the @ and then use the toUpperCase() method.

In the updated .rp file below I applied fixes for the problems that @huban pointed out. If you want to extend this repetition of adding members beyond just a few, I recommend using repeaters for your member lists.

Forcing capitalization dynamically in Axure isn’t that straightforward, and I’ve found the subtr() method to be more reliable than split(). Here’s an expression that works to extract the first character and capitalize it, then extract the rest of the email up to but not including the @ character:
[[ AddMember_var.substr(0,1).toUpperCase() ]][[ AddMember_var.substr(1, AddMember_var.indexOf('@') -1) ]]

proj.rp (693.9 KB)