Enable single-key shortcuts

Hopefully Axure will be able to add shortcuts that “enable single-key shortcuts”.

Hello, and thanks for the feedback! Are you often switching between shortcut modes throughout the day as you work in Axure?

Single-key shortcuts are convenient, such as new interactions. But it also hinders the text editing of widgets. Double-clicking on edited text offsets the benefits of single-key shortcuts.

Yep, we found that existing users do often prefer the old behavior! That’s why we’ve made it an option to switch back to the old editing mode in Preferences. Note that you can also use [ENTER] to edit text on a widget. For me, that made the difference such that I could get used to single-key mode.

Why can’t old and new behaviors switch quickly? More operations are still needed to use [enter].

Just making sure I am fully understanding what you are looking for – as you are working on your project, you’d like to regularly switch between shortcut modes depending on what type of activity you are doing at that time? Thanks!

Almost everything that has a single-key shortcut also has a shortcut when you leave single-key mode.