Enabled cases, password logic help

I am looking for some help. I have enabled cases to check whether my passwords match, followed by a change in the dynamic panel state to show error messaging if the passwords do not match. On the error state (state 2) Once the user enters their passwords and they match on the error state i am trying to link to the next page.

However this is not working. I’d be helpful for any suggestions. Please see file attached.


0903.rp (227.0 KB)

You have a lot of text fields in here, some redundant and unnecessary, and all with the same widget names, so it is hard to tell what the specific problem is here, but I’ll bet you are testing the wrong two password fields. In general it is best to name every widget differently, especially if you need to refer to a specific one.

See this updated file with a slightly different approach on the AC2 (v2) page.
0903.rp (331.9 KB)

My goal with this updated page is to simplify everything by stripping out unnecessary widgets so it is easier to create, code, debug and maintain.

  • I undid some dynamic panels and grouping just to make it easier to edit.
  • You don’t need to replicate everything just to show an error message, so I pulled out the error widgets to their own group, hidden by default.
  • Since you already separated the outline from the password text field widgets, I created a Selected style with red 4 px border. Then those don’t need to be replicated either.
  • All the logic for error checking is still on the Next button (oh yeah, I set this as a dynamic panel so it could include the arrowhead icon as well, otherwise if user clicks right on the arrow nothing would happen.)
    • I added a few error conditions to show how the error group can be shown with varying context-aware text messages.
  • Because the “regular text” text fields (I named “Password 1 Shown” and “Password 2 Shown”) are really just “mirror elements” (their content is mirrored from the “password” masked text fields) they don’t need to be tested, just one set.