Enter key on mac doesn't always work in preview

Hello Axure folks,
I am currently working on a prototype (it is like a form with a few fields + a Continue CTA). I need to let users interact with the prototype only by keyboard. But I found it is bit confusing in Axure that sometimes the Enter key works for the ‘Continue’ button, but sometimes it doesn’t - in order to solve it, I have to manually and purposely use tab key to focus the elements back and forth, then sometime Enter key works.

Anyone has the similar issue as me or did I set up the events, cases in Interaction panel wrong?

Axure will not automatically focus elements unless you tell it to.

If you want the form to submit on enter, you can do it in a couple of ways. Firstly you can add a case to each field (or just the final one) that monitors for ‘Enter’ as a keypress and, if detected, fire a click event on the Continue button. This is the most reliable way to do this, but OnKeyUp events can slow your prototype down a fair amount.

Or you can add a case to the final field which will focus the Continue button after a delay (this could get annoying if the delay isn’t long enough).

Or you can ensure the order of your elements is such that the Continue button is always focused immediately after the final field. Again, you’d need users to hit the tab key consistently.

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