Enter Selects Focused Repeater Row


I have reverse engineered a few different solutions to create a Predictive Search that adds the selected value in the dropdown (OnClick) to another repeater. You can also use the arrow keys from the search field to navigate the suggestions (mostly works).

What I can not figure out is how to use the Enter key to select one of those highlighted repeater rows, adding it either to repeater #2 or the search field.

Right now, it is still considering the search field to be in Focus (caret remains), even when the row appears selected - thus, Enter just submits whatever text is in the search field.

Suggestions? I am new to Axure so the issue is probably the combination of some unnecessary interactions on my part, I’m sure.

Predictive Search.rp (112.5 KB)

Take a look back at this thread again and inspect the OnPageKeyDown event in Predictable Fields 3.rp file:

Just cut the Case 1 from the OnKeyUp event on your Prediction widget (and/or your Search Field widget; deleting from both of those widgets) and paste it to your OnPageKeyDown event (just like you did for the Up and Down keys), testing “Else If key pressed equals Return and visibility of Predictions equals true” --in fact, you should test visibility of Predictions group for the Up and Down keys as well. Also consider resetting your index counter to 0 with the OnFocus of the Search Field widget or OnShow of the Predictions group.