Error checking for updates

Though I am connected to the Internet and typing on the forum page, Ax9 does not think that I am online. It happened previously also during updates. It’s a big pain getting updates and I have to keep trying - giving it a break for a couple of hours before it condescends and allows me to update


Hi kharve,

I’m sorry to hear that! So that we can further troubleshoot this, please send any Axure logs you find to You can find the Axure logs by navigating to:


(Please note that AppData is a hidden folder.)

Thank you!

Jane, That’s 688 MB of data!

Hi kharve,

Yep, it’s a lot! If it helps, I’d recommend compressing the files into a .zip, and then sending us the .zip. Or, you could send us the latest logs that start with “error_log_[date]”. Ty!