Escape character for a repeater

Hi all

I have a repeater and I’m filtering on a column which has an apostrophe - “What’s on”. Is there a way to escape it? I tried ‘What’s on’ and “What’s on” (double quotes) but it doesn’t work.



In my testing, having an apostrophe doesn’t affect the filter. I tried both…

[[Item.Column0 == "What's On"]]


[[Item.Column0 == This.text]] 

…where the filter was set in the OnTextChange interaction of a field, and typing What’s On into the field, and both worked fine.

If you are on a Mac, try turning off the “Use smart quotes” setting under Keyboard > Text, just to make sure you are entering the same character.


Also make sure you are matching the case. If the user is entering the text by typing, use

[[Item.Column0.toLowerCase() == fieldText.toLowerCase()]]

…where fieldText is a local variable referring to the text of the entry field.

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