Events: OnDragStart

Axure 9. Can’t fine “OnDrag” event in the interactions’ list.
Trying to use it on DP.
In fact, can only see very few events


OnDrag is now called Dragged in RP9. You can find it by first selecting a Dynamic Panel widget, viewing the INTERACTIONS pane, clicking the “New Interaction” button, then scrolling down to the “DYNAMIC PANEL” section. Or, after clicking “New Interaction” just start typing the name of the event you want. For example, typing “drag” will filter the list of all possible interactions to just Drag Started, Drag Dropped and Dragged, and typing “dragg” will filter further to just Dragged. When the list filters to just one item, pressing Enter will select it.

As a general rule, just drop the “On” for event names and you should be able to find them in RP9.

I believe the Axure folks thought it would be easier for new Axure users to learn and use event names like Click or Tap, Mouse Button Down and Dragged instead of the more javascript-like names of OnClick, OnMouseDown and OnDrag, etc. Makes sense for designers without coding experience. It does present a problem for experienced Axure users–a classic case of proactive inhibition. It takes a little while to learn the new names, but stick with it–once you get it and learn the new way, it really is easier and faster, especially being able to use the predictive search filter. Works for actions, too.

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