Everything inside dynamic panel goes blurry when scrollbar is required

I have an issue with my dynamic panels. Everything looks fine and renders perfectly when the content is not overflowing the dynamic panel. However, the dynamic panel switches to a state where the content overflows and the scrollbar becomes visible, all of the content in the dynamic panel becomes blurry.

When switching back to the state where the content fits and no scroll bar is needed, the content renders perfect again.

This was an issue on Axure 9 and still seems to be happening on Axure 10.


There are no images in the file. It is a form (which is a dynamic panel itself) with a selection table.

When selecting a row in the table, the form will be populated with the information from the table. The bottom section of the form is a second dynamic panel which has 3 different states, two of which cause the form to become scrollable as the content overflows.

It is in these two states where the rendering issues happen