Execute Multiple OnClick Cases (Events) at Once


I would like to execute two OnClick Cases at once. Currently, in Preview mode, when I click the button that the cases exist on, I am prompted with an option to select which case I would like to execute.

I just want them both to fire with I click the button. Is there an easy way to do this?


It depends on what it is you are trying to do. It’s really not clear from your question.
If there are no conditions limiting your cases, put all the commands together under one case.

However, if there are conditions on the cases, this tip might help you:
You can right-click on the case name, and toggle between IF and ELSE-IF.
The default is ELSE-IF.
By changing the condition of the second case to IF, it will always be checked. If true, then that second case will be executed.

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Sorry my question wasn’t more clear. Your answer did the trick though. I somehow missed this. Thanks!

Basically, I update a status icon and move to another page on the click of a button.

If they’re all unconditional then you can put them in the same case. If they have different conditions then you would separate them.

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Very good, thank you. Love Axure.