Executing action after moving by certain lenght


I am a newbie and I need support with something which supposed to be an easy thing for you guys. I want to perform action : executing action (hiding widgets) after moving cursor by x or y pixels from the certain place where cursor begin. To be more specific -I want to hide a widget after moving cursor away from it. The start position (x,y) of the cursor is not a matter here, just the lenght of movment of the cursor is an issue. I want to use the logic conditions. But I stuck with this

Thank You in advance

Hi Zweinstain,

The “OnMouseOut” event might be the easiest solution in this case. Where if the cursor leaves the area of the widget, it will fade away. I’ve attached an .rp file with this interaction built in. OnMouseOut.rp (49.8 KB)

However, it’s also possible to create conditional logic based on the cursor’s position relative to a widget on the canvas. If that’s something you’re interested in, please let me know!