Export Assets for iOS/Android

I’m actually trying to switch from XD/Figma to Axure because i really love the power of this tool.

My most relevant issue is to export assets like icons to mobile developers,

Actually in XD, it is possible to mark every layer for export, even a character (for example a font awesome gliph). Then, when i publish my prototype, all layer marked as exportable are downloadable in various format (1x, 2x, svg, etc.), so the developer is able to get the one he needs for it’s project.
This is a very powerful feature that save me to spend a lot of time in generating assets for developers!

In Axure it seems to not exist friendly export for mobile developement, i only noticed that if i use an SVG, then it become downloadable in the shared prototype, but is not enough, developers often are asking for specific formats, like 1x-2x-3x- iOS pngs or xdpi needed for Android.

I’m wondering that a so powerful tool is not taking in consideration this aspect and i hope there are plans to implement this.

In the meantime, do you know if there is a workaround to export assets in mobile OS formats?