Export or Copy Widget Text for use in other application

Hi guys,

we’ve been working with Axure for the last 6 months since moving on from an Illustrator/Indesign workflow for UX prototyping in our UX department.

But there is one problem that persists. When we move from our Wireframe Prototype to a Design mockup our Graphic Designer often needs the texts we used in the Axure prototype. But copying this text is always quite a challenge, especially when there’s functionality built into the prototype.

So we are looking for a way to export all the widget texts so that other departments can reuse them without a hassle. RP9 introduced the feature of including widget texts in notes but if we do it that way, you can’t distinguish real notes from notes just for the sake of including the widget text.

Is there any way to speed up the process of copy pasting the texts of our Axure widgets? Maybe include them in a Word export or something like that.

Can anybody help with this topic? Thanks in advance!

Hi mschlinge!

If you would like to create export your widget’s text to a Word document, you can generate a Word Specification sheet that includes your widget’s text. Navigate to “Publish > Generate Word Specification” to open the “Generate Specification” dialog. Open the “Widgets” tab, and then mark the checkbox for the “Widget Text” column that the Widget Table will generate:


This will make it so that the widget text is included in the specification sheet, where it can easily be copied and pasted into other applications.

I hope this helps!

Thats great. Thanks. Exactly what we needed and we didn’t see it.
Thanks a lot!