Export Variables


I am doing some sort of game in which the user will earn points for clicking one or the other button, but it also change how they will earn points based on the initial first 2 minutes clicking the buttons.

I have already created the program but I wanna be able to get those variables out, ( that way I know the number of clicks per phase during the game) how I can make this happen?!! Can I export to excel or send those data through email?

I am attaching my rp filePRT_FINALRR_AA.rp (2.1 MB)

You could use a mailto link with Axure variables, but that will just open the user’s default email program and ask them to send an email. Alternatively you could set the source of an iframe to a url for a domain you control with Axure variables as query parameters, then check your server logs.

For example, www.yourdomain.com/dummy/url?variableone=[[axurevariableone]]

Then search your logs for requests to that path and check the parameters. If you’re technically inclined, you could even run an application to collect those requests and automatically parse the parameters.

Or most simply, just ask users to send it to you in whatever way they can.