F R U S T R A T E D - that functionality removed in RP9 is not QUICKLY re-instated

I feel like I could be asking for this for years and and have no idea if you will re-instate.
I am going to keep posting until this is done as it greatly affects my daily usage of your great product. You put the functionality in … you have taken it out. It is NOT a ‘New Feature Request’. I have posted separately on each item in the past.

Keystroke shortcuts.

In RP8 Ctrl-’+’ and CTRL-’-’ had a graduation of 50% increase and decrease. This has changed to 100% making the graduation to coarse and therefore less useful.

In RP8 Ctrl-‘8’ supported “Edit Connector Points”. I use this a lot and now have to go through 2 sub menus to use it.

Being a developer I believe both of these are very simple ‘fixes’ please please please let me know these will be fixed.

I recommend emailing support@axure.com with specific feature complaints, bugs and requests. Support agents sometimes monitor this forum, but their stated means for these types of questions and issues is via email and not this forum–which they consider as “community users” only. They do respond to my emails quickly, even if to just say the issue is known and/or a feature request will be formally submitted.

One thing I’ve liked about RP9 is the improved scaling with Ctrl+Mousewheel, which increases/decreases scaling fin 10 to 15% increments.

Thanks for the heads up … I have always used mouse scaling … I tend to work at 75% a lot and it is fiddly with the mouse … the support for 75% used to be in RP8.

Yeah, I’m frustrated there isn’t better scaling and panning control in the editor–and recently with same in the browser preview as well.

One thing I’ve started doing with a project that has large screen dimensions is set the “Fit to” (Ctrl+1) size, then “return to (0, 0)” (click upper-left of rulers or Ctrl+9) then drag the left and/or right panes and Ctrl+1 again to get it at size I need–say, 75%. …Then I have to remember where to relatively set the panes when I change them (inevitably, to edit repeater datasets --another big frustration the way the editing is so limited in the right pane.

As I think about this more, seems like a Ctrl-+ could increment in small–and consistent–amounts, like 5% or 10%, and Shift-Ctrl-+ could increment in larger amounts, like 25%. This would make it consistent with moving and resizing (e.g. right-arrow key moves 1 px, Shift-right-arrow key moves 10 px). …And maybe Alt-Ctrl-+ would increment in 1% ? Hmm… I think I’ll submit this as a feature request.

Another thought–you can click in the “Zoom” field (oddly identified with the universal “Search” icon for some reason) and type any scale factor, like 75%. There could be a keyboard shortcut to focus this field.

Did you know you can hide the left and right bars when you don’t need them to create more screen space.
Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-] or customise your top toolbar and add the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ buttons.

I use Ctrl+0 and Ctrkl+9 a lot.

On your other point … I don’t want to keep having to enter ‘75’ … they just need to re-establish removed functionality :).