Fade On Widget Causes Disconnected Element to Change Position

Wow. I’ve wasted SO much time to get to this point as I had to back out all my work and then re-institute each step until I found the bug.

I know Axure is a complex beast under the covers, but this issue is crazy.

I have a complex control, dynamically placing elements based on the number of search results.

Notice the results bar at the bottom…

Now once the ‘user’ is selected we show their photo in a Panel by changing the panel state - all the pictures are pre-loaded. There’s no relationship between the status bar and the picture. They’re not even in the same panel, but…

As soon as I put a fade, A FADE!!!, onto the panel state change action it changes the position of my status bar! I mean… Seriously???

More than anything I’m just frustrated with this because it’s such an absurd side effect and I’ve wasted so much time retracing my steps, but really? I mean… :unamused:

This is probably a hacky nightmare but you could probably wrap that content before the results bar with a Dynamic Panel set to fit to content.

Then add an Interaction to the Panel’s Resize event that moves the results bar to x: blank, y: [[This.bottom]]. I’ve not encountered your specific issue before but i’ve used that workaround numerous times to deal with a control moving somewhere weird before.