Fade out all but selected repeater row

Hello! I have a repeater that expands on click and I want the other rows (the non-expanded rows) to fade out with a dark overlay to keep the users focus on the expanded result. I have it working the opposite way in the attached file so it’s fading the one that is selected.

Does anyone know of a way for me to fade out the other rows and keep the expanded one at 100% opacity?

Thanks for your help!

repeater-test.rp (182.1 KB)

couldn’t you just extract the Expanded Row state from the dynamic panel and make it a lightbox modal? You could then pin it to browser and do whatever the heck you want

Hi @jlhelmers - Thanks for that suggestion! The issue with extracting that expanded dynamic panel is that it won’t push down the other panels when selected. I imagine it would sit on top of the repeater rows, is that correct? I am new at this so I could be totally wrong on that but I want to make sure they can see all of the rows after they expand one entry. I think I can do it if I can find a way to target all of the rows that are not selected but I am having a hard time finding the right way to do that. Let me know if you happen to know of a way I can target the repeater rows that are not expanded. Thanks again!

Hows about something like this:

repeater-test.rp (127.6 KB)

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I removed expanded view from state 2, grouped it, then added it to state 1 and hid it. I set OnShow to be a lightbox and it “should” push/pull everything in the repeater

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Thanks @jlhelmers! That wasn’t pushing down the other collapsed rows but I did end up removing the expanding state out of the repeater like you had suggested before and putting it in it’s own group. I left the expended row in the repeater so it pushed the other rows down and then I float the new group with the details on top. Definitely not the most elegant solution but it seems to be working. I appreciate your help with this!