Feature request - Hotspot click through

I’d like to request a click-through ability in the hotspot. Sometime I’ll cover several fields (repeater) and use the hotspot to trigger a hover state across the whole row. However, if I have a click event assigned to more than a button then I have to use multiple hotspots and it becomes annoying to manage. This could be a toggle property so that the click event still works when desired.

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Hi UX_Guy,

If I’ve understood your needs, I think this file could help you.
repeater_Mouse-over.rp (78.2 KB)

With this trick, you have only 3 interactions to manage. There is no Hotspot inside the repeater, but you can have the same result with :wink:


Your file demonstrates exactly what I had hoped to avoid. Setting up a mouse in/out for each column is very buggy and cause the hover to “blink” and not be smooth. In testing this cause the tester to assume they did something wrong or that it’s buggy. when you have 12 columns setting up each column makes 36 interactions to manage. Using a hotspot allows me to do the same thing with 2, it’s smooth - just needs the clickthrough property.

Thanks for sharing!