Feature request: Select all widgets in a selection group

It would be an incredible time :mantelpiece_clock: (and frustration :angry:) saver if you could select/deselect all widgets in a selection group instead of individual widgets.

If this already exists, I’d appreciate someone showing me how.


The short answer is, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A (Cmd + A on Mac).

When you have widgets in a Group, and you select that Group, it selects all widgets by default (even though it doesn’t show “selection handles” for each widget). So if you move the group, or change a style property (like say, Border color or thickness) it applies to all widgets in the Group.

If you click into a Group, one widget will be selected (whichever widget you clicked on) but there are several ways to then select all widgets.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + A to “Select All”. If you are “inside” a Group or Dynamic Panel this “Select All” applies only within that scope.

  • Click + Drag to select all widgets

    • Start by clicking off/away from any widgets (including any widgets outside the group)
    • In “Select Intersected Mode” any widgets touched by the drag are selected.
    • In “Select Contained Mode” only widgets fully contained in the “drag area” are selected.
    • (Look for the Selection Mode icons in upper left of the main toolbar.)
  • Use the Menu command by selecting Edit > Select All
    (you’ll also see a hint for the keyboard shortcut in this menu)

  • Use the built-in OS keyboard shortcuts for Menus.

    • In Windows, this is done by pressing the Alt key, which focuses the application menu. Then you can press a series of “menu shortcut letters” (underlined letters, which appear when you press the Alt key). You’ll see the shortcut for Edit is E and Select All is A, so Alt+E+A will select all widgets in a Group when you are in that Group.
    • In Mac, I think the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+F2 …but verify this with internet search for “Mac keyboard shortcuts” for your version of OS.
  • Use the OUTLINE pane to select widgets by clicking on first widget name in Group Shift+click last widget in Group.

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Hi! Thank you so much for the explanation. This is helpful.

I maybe wasn’t as clear as I should have been in my question and was meaning to ask about marking as selected (i.e. like checkboxes). I found that I can put them into a group and can mark the group selected to true or false.