Feature Request: Warning on page delete

Hi, I just discovered today that I have somehow deleted a whole days work by deleting a page from Axure project. To add salt to the insult, there was no backup from previous day of that file. However I managed to recover the file from my Google Drive.

Now to the point. I was petrified to find out that you can DELETE a page only with a button press (backspace / delete). There is no warning dialog, nothing. The program just deletes it silently asi if the page was some unecessary widget. I would love to add at least a warning.

This is pretty embarassing for an UX design software…

Thank you.

Hi @dohoainamik,

I can certainly see how a warning before deleting a page would be helpful, and I’m happy to pass along this request to our product team. I’m glad that you were able to recover a past version of your file from Google Drive, but I also wanted to mention that Axure RP auto-saves backup copies of your files as well, which you can recover by following the steps in the guide below:

Hopefully that helps!

Hi, thanks for considering this. I know about the backup feature but this time it failed somehow.

Best regards,