Feature Request: When creating an interaction, be able to "select widget from canvas"

It would be more efficient if it was possible to select a widget from canvas. Currently we need to hunt for the object in the select widget dropdown. But if we could simply click on the widget that we want to “show/hide” that would be super convenient!

Hi Jaewoo, thanks for that suggestion! I’m happy to pass this request along to our product team. For future feedback or feature requests, please email our support team at support@axure.com. This will help ensure that we’re able to file this feedback right away and make sure that it doesn’t get lost in the forums. Thank you!

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@jaewoo, Meanwhile, I recommend you try using the Search feature in the widget dropdown. Anytime you want to find a widget as a target in an interaction, just start typing the widget name–provided you’ve named your important widgets (I also recommend this as a good practice.) If you haven’t named any widgets, you can still start typing in the name of the widget type, e.g., “text field” or “image” to narrow the iist, then hover over each in the list to see visual popup.

The same Search feature in the OUTLINE pane is also handy for finding widgets on the page, especially when nested in groups or dynamic panels.