[Feature Requests] some things that were still on my list from Axure 9


almost a year ago I compiled a list of issues that I thought would improve Axure 9.

Quite a few of them are still open/relevant/annoying for Axure 10, and since you are in Beta, I hope it might still be useful to you. I removed the ones that are solved within the Beta.

Here are the remaining few:

Outline – Not being able to multi-select elements in different groups
It is really annoying that I cannot select elements across groups. Groups are there for a reason, I don’t want to break them, just to be able to select elements.

Outline – Why does the Pages tab still exist?
I don’t get why there still is a Pages tab. I’d just include all pages (and folders) on the Outline tab (not only the active one) and get rid of the Pages tab. It already feels deserted with the outline tab there on top. There are already too many tabs you need to switch frequently when working with Axure.

Interactions – Why are there “more options” hiding key options?
“Show hidden” and “Push/Pull” are important settings for the panels actions. Why are they hidden? They occupy like 60pixels of space. And after you set them you can see them in the summary but they are still not visible when re-opening the action editor. So you have to click on “more” to see them. Just show them always, please.

Interactions – Push/Pull should automatically set "Fit to content"
Since push/pull only works with the “fit to content” option set, why do I need to remember to set it?
Axure should do this for me.

Interactions – Enable Case requires an additional click on "add logic"
After I chose to add a condition to an event, why do I need to click the “Add Logic” button? Just add an empty row initially.

Interactions – Be able to see a summary of all incorrect/broken interactions
It would be nice to have a popup/list allowing me to quickly navigate to all the broken interactions.

Interactions – Changing the element in question loses all existing options
If I set an action to show the next panel state, add rotate and add push pull options, all the settings are lost if I change the target panel. (Which makes sense in a way). But it would be very nice to keep all these settings (as you need quite a few clicks to add them) if they are applicable to the new element (as in the case above…).

Interaction Styles – The red number indicator block for applied style effects.
This element is really confusing to me. It looks like a warning (red?) and then it somehow shows me how many elements are affected by the style effects – at least that’s my guess. But this information seems strange/wrong as I can define style effects to group elements as well… Don’t understand the benefit nor purpose.

Style – Widget Style Manager & Format Painter
These seem untouched since way back. It’s hard to find what you are looking for, since there are no groups for the different properties. Please group the entries somehow.
The interaction of clicking too many checkboxes in the Format Painter is also really painful.

Style – Mention the “defined style” for interaction styles, instead of showing a preview
When you use a defined style as an interaction style it would be helpful to display the name of the style (on the top in the interactions tab). Plus, the preview is mostly useless on the interactions styles, rather give a text summary as a tooltip?.

Style – Display the options for elements hidden away unter the ellipses in the interaction tab
Please show the “disabled” and “selected” checkboxes and not hide them per default. Plus, when a checkbox is set, please apply the appropriate style for it in the canvas (this is a very old feature wish, right?).

Misc. –Keyboard Shortcut to access location & size
It doesn’t matter if I enable one key or multi-key shortcuts. CMD-L (set location) does not work – which USED TO BE my most used shortcut.

Misc. – Names of new paragraphs
New paragraphs are filled with fake latin (which is a bad practice to use) – and since they don’t have a name the fake latin is shown as a name in the outline which is really painful. Could you please change this to show (Paragraph) instead – just like you do for the basic shapes?

…and I thought I add some new things after taking a quick look at the beta…

Misc. –Keyboard Shortcut to access Interaction & Style panes
There is one for accessing notes but actually, I most frequent toggle between the other two tabs.

Canvas - Grid Size & CMD-Cursor
If you set the grid size to a value different than 10, place a rectangle at (0,0) and start moving it using the cursor-CMD keys you get the weird first increment e.g. (0,0) to (0,4). Afterwards the grid size is added correctly…

Action: Apply Widget Style
It would actually give the Widget Styles more weight and turn them into something useful if we were to able to apply them within interactions.

Group: Action for all Elements within a group
Let’s say I create a group of buttons. Often each of them gets a set of the same actions, e.g. setting a certain state somewhere on click, or opening the same page on click. It would be nice, if you were able to define an interaction for each element at the groups level. This would remove the need to copy and paste interaction back and forth and keep the list of common interactions in one place.

Outline - Copy / Paste / Duplicate Keyboard Shortcuts for Panel States
I’d like to be able to use CMD+C/P/D for panel states.

Panel Interaction - add set state value: Last active State
Allow us to go back to the previous state of a panel.

Widgets - Replace With
Borrow an idea from Sketch: “replace with”
After I build a screen, I often start breaking out Masters and components. It would be nice to be able to select a widget or a group of widget and have a replace with function that show the Masters (and maybe even the top level groups of a page to replace)


"Apply Widget Style" Action