Feedback after team training


Yesterday I provided basic Axure training for my team and I wanted to give some feedback in regards to their experience. I have 8 people on my team which is a mix of product designers, visual designers, and researchers. Only 2 have used Axure in the past.

It was an hour-long session and I was expecting to cover very basic elements and concepts, but we progressed into passing a variable, creating cases, and enabling/disabling a widget.

No one verbally said anything about the UI which might be considered good in some cases, but I did have to point out the location of UI elements several times throughout the training. Here are a couple things I felt should be called out:

  1. The button targets are very small and difficult to find. (Ex. Adding cases and additional actions.)
  2. It takes extra thinking power to read/review an interaction to make sure it’s what you were intending. (Ex. Reading the interaction as a “sentence”.)

In the end everyone was able to build a prototype without much frustration. It was a positive experience. I’m running another session today to work on dynamic panels and actions with built-in animations.


We had our second session and this time covering the dynamic panels, show/hide, and dropdown fields (changing states based on selections).

There were a few verbal complaints about the size of buttons and where they were located. One of the past users mentioned it looked better than what Axure had before. I believe his comment was mostly from a visual standpoint.

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