Field underline treatment scans terribly

I know Google and others are currently treating fields with an underline as opposed to a box, but it doesn’t scan well in the Axure UI. The lines might work well for forms (which is the only place Google deploys them), but it doesn’t work in complex UI, which is why you would never see Adobe use that treatment. The underlined fields are harder to read/scan.

Google’s Material Design specs initially did not provide a container on text inputs, which seems to be what RP 9 has implemented. This is a problem with Material that seems to have been recently addressed by Google.

“Containers improve the discoverability of text fields by creating contrast between the text field and surrounding content.” - Material Design

In general, I think if there was MORE definition between the start of a text field and other unrelated elements, this would be a non-issue. Unfortunately, everything (small text and all) blends together, making a “fancy” text field look more like a line of separation.