Filling color on click


I have a project wherein I have a pane with two tabs (I used boxes as tabs). Now whenever I click on any of the tabs, I want to fill a color in each of the boxes indicating that the particular tab is highlighted and this behavior should be retained
whenever I switch between the tabs. Kindly let me know how to achieve this. Do we also get a tab component in Axure that we could use instead of the boxes?

Bucket filling isn’t doable in Axure… but there are options.

1.) You can use javascript to fill in objects. This is a pain in the butt for a number of reasons.

2.) Use dynamic panels… like the prototype I sent you yesterday.

You can also use the "Selected’ interaction style to change the fill color when it’s selected. Just put onClick event on the widget to set it to selected and then specify the style you want to use in the “Selected” interaction style.

You can also enforce a selection group that allows only one tab to be selected at a time so that when you select one the other automatically unselect.

Regarding tabs - there are some shapes that are tab like. There’s a dropdown in the properties that allows you change rectangles to a limited variety of shapes.

Here are two screenshots showing these things: