Filter records based on changing value of picklist for repeater. Also


I have a dynamic panel for a pop-up with 2 states having a pick-list. Now I have a repeater widget with certain records underneath the pick-list. I want to filter records on changing value of pick-list e.g. I want to bring certain records with name of a firm on changing the pick-value to a particular value however when I switch the value all records should be displayed. Please find below my rp file. manage emails - practice 2.rp (711.8 KB).

The steps are as follows to access: click on envelope icon (white) then a pop-up will open with two picklist values: Gulf Stream Capital LLC and All Investors. Now in the edit mode you can view all records with different firm names in the repeater. Now what I want is that on selection of ‘Gulf Stream Capital LP’ in pick-list the repeater widget should display records with firm name Gulf Stream Capital only and on switching the value to All Investors it should show all records on the grid. This should always be the case no matter how many times i switch the picklist value. Also all other conditions that I have set for each view should always work.

Hi! I wasn’t quite able to view your issue from the provided file. (I don’t see a white envelope icon when I run the prototype.)

Regardless, it sounds like you are dealing with what’s referred to as “facet filters.” Please take a look at this post.

If that bears no resemblance to your issue, let me how to find the white envelope when I run the prototype.