Filter repeater with IndexOf() when column is all digits

I have a repeater column that contains all digit characters (it’s an account number). I want to filter the repeater when the input typed in a text widget matches some of the account number. Something is going on with the all-digit column that doesn’t happen with an alphanumeric column, I have tried converting the Item contents and the text contents with .toString(), but no joy. Here’s my rule:

[[ Item.AccountNum.toString().indexOf(LVAR.toString()) >= 0 ]]

Item.AccountNum and LVAR (the text on text widget) are both strings of digit characters.

Any ideas?



…So, what is that “something”? You haven’t described what the issue is. Do you have a sample .rp file you could upload here, or an example of your repeater, text field and interaction code you thought should work but doesn’t?

Here is a quick example of predictive search using all digits, only alpha, and alphanumeric lists. I think they all behave in the same way.

basic predictive search.rp (65.2 KB)