Filter/sort comments in Axure Cloud?

It’d be really helpful if you could filter the unresolved comments in the Project Disussions tab in Axure Cloud. Because these are the interesting ones, right?

Or do I oversee that functionality?


Yes please, some filters would be very useful. What about grouping by wireframe too?

We have been using the comments effectively as a to-do list after meeting with clients.

Hi freiand and timr,

Thanks for posting! Currently, you can show resolved comments by clicking on the “Show Resolved Comments” button in the discussions tab available at the prototype’s Axure Cloud link. However, from your account in Axure Cloud, the “Project Discussions” page currently does not show which comments have been resolved. I can see how this would be a useful feature in Axure Cloud, and I have gone ahead and submitted a feature request for this on your behalf.

Hope this helps!


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Adding my vote for this as a feature, it’s proving to be a big pain to know what comments need to be addressed still as our prototype pages are growing we have to click on each page to review what has not been resolved yet and things are getting missed