FIlter Table by Selected Checkbox

I need help to add feature when user can filter table by selecting one of the options from droplist. For example: if user select “Exclude from Sector Limit” from droplist, the table will show rows with the selected checkbox in column “Exclude from Exclude Limit”.

Below I attached the file.

Thank you

UIHelp.rp (98.4 KB)

I see you have columns in your repeater data set for the checkboxes. If you put values in there, like ‘True’ or ‘False’ or ‘Yes’/‘No’, you can use those values to check the box and then apply filters on those values. See attached:

UIHelp (1).rp (98.6 KB)

If the user is able to check and uncheck the boxes, you’ll need to update the repeater data set each time they check/uncheck.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: