Filtering columns within a repeater


I’m trying to filter out columns (but keep the row) within a repeater when the user performs an action to edit.

The repeater is set up to store an activity type, hourly rate ($) and hours spent on that activity. There is two buttons, one to edit (pencil) and delete (trashcan). The repeater is contained with a panel which has two states. When the edit button is pressed it swaps to the details panel to collect the data. When this occurs I want to hide all other edit and delete icons with in the repeater and only display them back when the updates are saved.

I’ve tried looking at ways I might be able to do this, but many of the links I go to are broken (it may be because of the Axure 9 update).


example v2.rp (187.7 KB)


To do this, you’ll use the “listener” method. Basically, if you move a widget in the repeater with a Move command initiated from outside of the repeater, the OnMove event will trigger on the widget inside the repeater for each row.

So you’ll need two hotspots inside of the repeater. One will hide the buttons when moved, and the other will show the buttons when moved. (Call them showButtons and hideButtons.)

Because we need to initiate the command from outside of the repeater, put two hotspots outside of the repeater called initiateShow and initiateHide. When moved, initiateHide will move the hideButtons hotspot, and initiateShow will move the showButtons hotspot.

Move initateHide when the panel changes to the Details state, and move initiateShow when the panel changes to the Summary state.

I updated your file: example v2.rp (197.7 KB)

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Thanks Joseph,

That is exactly what I’m after.