Filtering repeater onTextChange freezes my prototype!

Hi Everyone!

I have been trying to make a search box filter for my repeater expand-collapse. I followed a guide in the docs for this but it seems to be freezing every time I try to enter text in my search box.

Could someone have a look and see why it’s going wrong? I’m pretty stumped!
repeater_filter.rp (144.0 KB)



Yes, something is wrong and it’s not your filter. I created a new repeater with the same data and your filter worked just fine. Even the simplest of filters – e.g., [[True]] – causes this to crash. Something must be corrupt with this repeater. (You might contact

In the meantime you should probably start a new file and copy everything but that repeater to it, and create a new repeater in the new file.

Hi folks!

I’ve taken a look though this project file, and it appears as if the issue has more to do with the table widget than the repeater widget or the filter. There is a known issue that we have on file where large table widgets can cause issues when loading a project page. This issue seems to be occurring when the filter is applied because applying a filter reloads all of the repeater’s widgets on the page. I’ve gone ahead and added a note to our filed bug report regarding the behavior that you have experienced.

To work around this issue, please try removing or simplifying the table widget found in your repeater. You can use shape widgets for all components of your table, or you can try replacing the monthly table columns with one long column and using shape widgets for your monthly headers. I tested out fully removing the table and found that it allowed the repeater filter to successfully load. I hope this helps!

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