Find all instances of a master, add these up, store in a variable and display the value

Hi there, I’ve just installed Axure, very impressed with it so far.

I’m trying to create a map with icons representing certain things. For example, an icon showing a ladder, representing going up/down a floor.

What I want to be able to do is to display how many ladder icons (I guess these would end up being a custom made Master) have been dragged into a map.

I will be having several maps across various pages, where each map may have a different number of ladders (as an example).

The total number of ladders would be displayed per map, then I would also add up all ladders across all pages showing the absolute total number of ladders used across all maps (pages).

Is this possible to do with Axure?

Many thanks!

You might be able to use “raised events” on the masters for this, but perhaps not across pages. How many pages do you have?

Awesome I will have to give that a try, I’m yet to make the pages but there will be 10+

I’ve been trialing out a number of prototyping softwares, lots of really great stuff around, I’m hoping Axure will be able to do everything I’m trying out with this interactive map.

Thanks Jon :slight_smile:

It might be easier to use dynamic panel states rather than separate pages, because any variable or widgets you populate will persist, whereas you’d need to pass them between pages otherwise, which might complicate things.

I’m just trying to give this a go now, and I can’t figure out the exact expressions I’m going to need.

Within a master, I’m going to need to say On Load +1 to a global variable.

I’ve done this but when dragging in a number of these masters into the scene, it doesn’t add them all up, it just gives me the value of 1, as it’s simply setting the value of the variable to 1.

Any ideas?