Find on Disk? Really?!

I know this is inconsequential issue but I feel it’s indicative of how a lot of designers view Axure. I’ve interviewed a lot of UI/UX Designers over the last few years and almost all the new designers feel that Axure is old school only really used by entrenched UX designers.

I try not to think of it this way. But then I see things like “Find on Disk” in the new beta…

I know this is just a nomenclature issue but it reinforces the view that Axure is old and dated. I mean Axure 8’s Load Library is better than this… I mean who uses the term “Find on Disk”… couldn’t you use Find Locally or something?

Or “Open library” or “Open file” or “Open…”, whatever is consistent with the file menu. I can’t tell because I uninstalled the beta.

Hello! The “Find on Disk” option has been updated in the latest build of the beta; on Mac it is now “Open in Finder”, and on Windows it is now “Open in File Explorer”. If you’re not currently on the latest build, then updating the beta via “Help > Check for Updates” should allow you to see the changes.


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