Fire event ignored on pageLoad

Fire event seems to be ignored for the on pageLoad. Looks like there was a bug related to in in Axure 8…
Condition on pageload match to fire
Manual tab click works

Hi arouben,

I see this working on my end, i.e. I set a conditional OnPageLoad to check for the value of OnLoadVariable, and if true, then fire the OnClick on a widget that hid an image. This worked properly on my end - could you post your .rp file where this is not working?

In case this is the issue, I see from your screenshot that the OnLoadVariable is not set to the “all” value, but the “filterSelected” variable is. Did you mean to check for the “all” value of the “filterSelected” variable instead of the OnLoadVariable with OnPageLoad? Lmk!

Hi Jane, thank you! My bad! Such an obvious mistake on my part. Sorry!