Fire event not working


In a prototype, I have a filter date(s) component, with some actions to reset the filter to the default value: no dates selected or filled. This is primary done with a delete button that appears as soon as a date is selected, or filled. For consistence with other filter components, I also offer a ‘Deselect all’ button, which I want to let do the same actions, but I don’t succeed using that button to fire the primary event. Clicking and selecting action and targets together seems to work fine, although the actual result (preview) stays away.

(Neither I succeed starting all actions on-by-one separately from that deselect all button. But after all the Fire event actions seems most appropriate here as it is most efficient.)

Is there somebody out there who sees what goes wrong?

2021.02.15 Fire event.rp (121.3 KB)

Your setup is pretty complex, likely more than needed, with multiple nested Masters and nested groups therein with conflicting Click or Tap events. You have multiple instances of a group with one interaction but objects within that group having different interactions.

Something to keep in mind is that “deeper” or “child” objects override interactions of “parent” objects. In your case, you have a Master (Mdl Filter Start) with:

  • Dynamic Panel (DP Modal)
    • Group (TopSection)
      • Master (Btn w icon Deselect all) with raised event of “DESELECTALL” --to “Fire Event …”
        • Group (Action group) with Click or Tap: Raise Event Btn w icon Deselect all raise DeselectAll (Which is what you appear to want happen.)
          • Master (Icn Close blue for button h50)
            • Unnamed group
              • Unnamed Hot Spot with Click or Tap Raise Event... This overrides your interaction for "Action group" --and the event named, “DoClose” is never handled, so nothing happens when you click on the ‘X’ icon.
              • Unnamed widget with text value of “Deselect all” with Click or Tap Open LInk: (Nothing selected) This also overrides your interaction for "Action group" --and there is no target specified for the Open Link action, so nothing happens. Additionally, you most likely do not want two different results if a user clicks on the text, “Deselect all” versus the ‘X’ icon (which would be confusing and unexpected usability.)

So, you can either remove the deeper “child” interactions on individual widgets, or replace these interactions with identical actions (not recommended as much harder to inspect and maintain), or add some more Raise Event actions (also not the best idea for same reasons.) If for some reason you (think you) need to retain the existing actions for these deeper widgets, you’ll need to add some case statements to provide logic for determining which action should apply–their “deep” action or that of their parent (thus rasing an event.)

Thank you very much - I’ve got it fixed now!

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