Firefox browser add-on not available


we are trying the commenting feature for axshare, but the browser add-on for firefox is no longer available:

Any ideas on thats?

Kind regards


We removed the Firefox add-on for Axure Share discussion screenshots. This is, however, still available with Google Chrome if that’s an alternative browser your team could use. I’ll also pass this along to our respective teams to let them know your team was interested in using the discussion screenshot feature with Firefox.

Hey Jane_Axure,

is there any alternative we can use? We are somehow bound to the FF because the customer is not allowed to use any other browser. On your website, we found following information:

We can’t find this button on our axshare server. What can we do? Is there something wrong?

Kind regards


The feature to comment with a screenshot is only available with Google Chrome, but the ability to comment on screen should be available with all browsers, e.g. Firefox. If you’re unable to view the “Comment on Screen” button in the Discuss tab of your Axure Share project, then please ensure that the RP file that was published to Axure Share was uploaded from RP 8 (build 3372). You can update by grabbing the installer from If updating to RP 8 doesn’t help, however, then please ensure that discussions have not been disabled for the prototype. You can check this by browsing to in your browser, clicking on the gear icon under “Configure” for the project to select “Discussions”, and clicking on the “Enable Discussions” button:

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, would you be able to post your RP file and the project URL here for me to test? If you’d rather keep those private, please email, and someone from our support team will be happy to further troubleshoot from there. Ty!