[Fixed] Axure update, installed font "RobotoCondensed" is no longer there


Hi, my Axure RP just got updated to . It seem to add in the font “Roboto”.

I encounter a problem whereby my installed font “Roboto Condensed” can no longer be located in RP 9. But I can still see it in the Win 10’s installed fonts.

I have many past design created with “Roboto Condensed”, I used to be able to select “Roboto” in Axure, then click on the dropdown list and select “Condensed”, now I can no longer find “Condensed” in Axure. Anyone else has this problem?




Thank you for posting about this! We have recently provided a fix for this bug where condensed fonts were not loading properly on Windows machines. To receive this fix, please update to our release candidate build available here:



Hi Ashley, thanks for the update. It seems to work.


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