(Fixed) Dynamic Panel Fit to Content bug



I tried to use DP with Fit on Content option is on and received strange behavior as results. Sometimes in works good - sometimes not. I’ve prepared an example. Main (re-sizable) panel marked with yellow. Screens of normal and bug behavior also attached.
DP_fit_to_content_bug.rp (65.9 KB)


Thanks for the report and file! We’ll take a look and see if we can get a fix in.


This might be the same issue i’m having.

I had a panel that had content let’s say 200px high in it. The panel was set as fit to content. When I remove some content and now it only contains widgets a total of 100px high, the panel is still 200px high. I if put something in the panel above 200px it correctly expands to that size, but it will never go below 200px. could delete the panel and copy it’s contents, but then I have to redo loads of interactions.

I’ve determined that the problem exists between keyboard and chair. I had a widget that was removed from the workspace view that I forgot about.


Good to hear you solved the issue, nkrisc.

The original issue should be fixed in the latest,, Update To Latest Version | Axure. Thanks for the reports.

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