(Fixed) Has anyone figured out how to paste from excel into the repeater dataset on Mac?

Hey all,

I’ve seen some old posts in here on this topic, but I haven’t been able to get it working myself.

Has anyone been able to paste data from excel into the repeater dataset? I have about 100 rows to enter, each with MANY data fields, so I’m looking a long afternoon of cmd-tab…tab…click…tab…cmd-v…cmd-tab…click…click…cmd-c…cmd-tab…tab…tab…wait, no!..click…click…cmd-v…

Well, you get the idea.

I’m in Lion (10.7.5) if that matters.

Incidentally, the ability to link to a CSV or JSON file would REALLY make a huge difference here.

Thanks in advance!


Hey Christopher,

Which version of Axure RP are you running? We fixed this up on the Mac in the latest build, If you don’t have that build yet, you can grab it here:

Update To Latest Version | Axure

If you’re on the latest build and you’re still having trouble, can you post a video of you attempting to copy and paste into a Repeater dataset? If you don’t already have a screencap tool, Jing is free and easy to use:

TechSmith | Jing, Free Screenshot and Screencast Software


Great - I was on I’ll update and see how it goes.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hey cjjr,

You CAN copy from a repeater to an Excel file and vice versa. Unzip the attached archive and throw the .swf file in your favorite browser.

Essentially, to copy a repeater’s contents highlight the appropriate rows/columns, do a CTRL + C (if on PC), and then CTRL + V in the Excel file. Note that no copy/paste commands are surfaced at the Axure UI level.

To do the reverse, copy the rows/columns in Excel via the same commands, then in the repeater highlight where you want them pasted. What I mean by that, is that you can paste in a single row or across rows as shown in the video. Make sure you have the correct selection. Lastly, if you are copying more rows than available in the repeater, the repeater will grow to accommodate the content from Excel.

I stumbled upon this not long ago, and I am not sure if it is intended functionally by the Axure folks. It never hurts to have it in your bag of prototyping tricks though ;). Cheers!

UPDATE 1: I have not tested this on the Mac version of Axure. I am using the latest build on a PC, and it works fine!

light_forger - 7.0 repeater & excel copy_paste.zip (788 KB)

Hi Ben,

Well - You (at Axure) fixed the Excel-Bug, but created something much worse - now it’s impossible to copy cells in the repeater - for the time being we need to work with both versions - the older for copy-pasting within axure and the newer for copy-pasting with excel.

Hey gluckstaler,

Thanks for the heads-up! We’ll work on a fix.

Thanks for the heads up! This should be fixed in the latest beta channel build,, Release Candidate | Axure. Let us know if you notice any problems.

Hi light_forger,
Okay, I’m missing something. I copy/pasted from Excel into the repeater, but it just puts everything in one row.
In your swf file, what was the last step you did where you clicked on the row in the repeater and it corrected the layout from abc, to

Yep…nevermind. Figured it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Ian - this is no longer available on Version 8 for Mac. I’m using Team Edition
Please let us know asap when this is fixed!!!

In case someone stumbles upon this old post, as I did, and can’t figure this out…

The trick is to click only once on the column in the repeater (background should be blue). If you click a second time (which you would normally do to type or paste text into the cell) so that the background turns white, it will not work because it is then pasting everything into that one cell.

(Thanks to WebGeek for this. I want to import a data set into the repeater )