[Fixed] Keeping master text overrides when you break away

Hello! I noticed some behavior with masters that I wasn’t expecting today. When I have a master with text overrides and then break away, it converts all of the text on it back to the default for that master. I can’t imagine a situation where I would want a master that I break away to go back to its default text rather than keeping the overrides. Is there already a way to keep text overrides that I’m missing? If not, I’d personally love to see that in a future update. Thanks!

Do you make use of Widget Styles?

This is a good way to handle default visual styles, and as you update them, they change elements through your entire project. It takes a bit of time to set up, but is good practice to use, especially for larger projects. I sometimes do this too late and have to come back and edit styles anyway.

I don’t think they’re talking about the widget styles but the actual copy on the labels.

You’re right this is the current behavior and there isn’t a workaround right now, but we plan to update the behavior of breaking away masters so that the overrides are applied to the broken-away widgets. This is on the roadmap!

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Hi all! To update you, this behavior has been changed in the latest builds of the beta. Masters that have text overrides will now retain their overrides when broken away from the master. If you haven’t already, you can update to the latest build (3636 as of this writing) to get those changes.