Fixed Menu with Move position

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to display web content in single page with different section along with fixed navigation. When user clicks on any section from left side navigation, then it should go to particular section. This is working fine now.

Problem here is…
1 .When I click on section 5 and it goes to particular section but I am not able to move up from mouse scroll. Vertical scroll bar is not visible when I click on section 5.

  1. When i start scroll the content section from top to bottom, the particular section number should be highlighted when the particular section reach on top of the page.

It would be good , If anybody have some solution for this.

Thanks in advance.Fixedmenu_Moveposition.rp (71.6 KB)

Hey there!

Here’s an approach that will fix your issue and might make maintenance a bit easier. You can use a “scroll to Widget (anchor link)” action and then link it to the headings on your page. For this to work, you need to take the content out of the dynamic panel (right click and select “Break Away First State”.

This way, if you move a heading as content changes, etc. the logic will still hold true and you won’t have to go update hardcoded numbers everywhere.

This does work a little bit different for sections 4 and 5 - as it will just scroll the page so they are visible, where in your example 4 and 5 are moved perfectly to the top of the screen.

Fixedmenu_Moveposition.rp (69.0 KB)

Thanks UXProtoTyper,

It works fine. Perfect solution.

In this approach, is it possible to highlight left side navigation based on the content scroll up and down on right side.

I mean, whichever the content on top of the screen, that section name should be highlighted on left navigation.

Yes, you can - see attached. I added events on windowScroll that check if the scroll is less than the position of the section content elements. It’s get a bit wonky at the bottom because sections 4 and 5 never really scroll off the screen. I lengthened the content just to show how this could work. You could also change the scroll logic to look at something different if you wanted.

Fixedmenu_Moveposition.rp (64.1 KB)

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