(Fixed) Widget notes icon stays in place when associated widget is pushed or pulled



As the title says, the little icon indicating that a widget has notes sometimes doesn’t move with the widget when it’s pushed / pulled in exported or published prototypes.

This is very annoying because the icons stays “floating” in the prototype and loses it’s visual association (by proximity) with the annotated widget.



Thanks for the report, we have an open issue for this. I’ll let you know if we figure out a good solution.


Thanks for the heads up. This should be fixed in the latest release,, Update To Latest Version | Axure.


Got the same issue on the latest Beta of Very frustrating that old bugs are getting back into the code. Anyway to solve this quickly?


I’m not seeing this behavior on my end when testing the latest build of 8.0 (3297) in the browser. Are you still seeing this issue on your end? If so, can your reproduce it in a fresh file or is it only occurring in one file? If it’s only happening in one file, would you mind sending over a sample .rp file with the page and widget(s) that are demonstrating the issue? Alternatively, if you’re able to reproduce the issue in a fresh file could you list the steps that you take to get the behavior to occur? Thank you!

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