Fixing a dynamics content centrally

I may be missing a trick here but here’s my question…

I have a table with 51 lines. The first line is -25, the middle line is 0 and the last line is +25.

I would like to set the table (with Sticky Header) to show the first line as 0.

SO the user can then scroll down to see +1 > +25, or scroll up to see -1 > -25.

My issue is you can always scroll down, but you can not scroll up if the dynamic panel content is set to -150px .I feel it should work, but maybe I missing something obvious?

Help Please :sweat_smile:


A good way to do this is to put the table at y=0 in the dynamic panel, but initialize the scroll of the dynamic panel such that it is scrolled to row zero (i.e., row 26). You can do this by placing, say, a line (I’ll call the line ‘scrollToMe’) at row 0 in your DP that contains the table and use the following:.

OnLoad (of dynamic panel)
  Scroll to (widget) scrollToMe (y only)

Here’s an example: scrollToRow.rp (56.7 KB)

Thanks for replying.

I downloaded your file and unfortunately it does not work.

I am using Ax9, could it be a bug?


So upon running the prototype, 0 isn’t displayed as the top row? That does seem like a bug, considering this prototype has just one command.

Try swapping out the line for, say, a hotspot and scrolling to it instead, maybe?

No, the hotspot did not work either. Just loaded with -25 row at the top.

I suppose this is working fine for you? Must be a bug, will raise in the bug section.

Yes, works fine for me. Maybe try putting the hotspot at x=0 instead of beyond the width of the panel and see if that works.

Hi, yes tried that. Definitely a bug then.

Well, shoot. If the panel does scroll manually when you run it (even though it’s not scrolled initially), it’s definitely a bug. I would email

I’ve seen mention of other commands that fail to execute OnPageLoad but work in other situations in Axure 9, so maybe this is another case like that. I’d be curious if it worked were you to put the same command in OnClick of the panel. Might help them narrow down the bug.

Thanks for your help and interest, I will email Axure.

To anyone following this thread, @MrMattySales wrote in and we’ve filed this as a bug.

As a workaround, you can add a “Wait” action set to “0 ms” before the “Scroll to Widget” action. Here’s a screenshot to clarify:


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That works. Thanks Justin.

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