Flip Dynamic Panels Between Two States

There were some great simple animations shown in the Coming in Azure RP 8 beta promo

Conceptually, I understand the concept of flipping two panels (e.g. from headline side to details side), but I just don’t seem able to pull it off (read newbie).

Is there an RP file of the BETA demo on that page (or others that I simply haven’t been able to find)?


The flip animations are accomplished using the animation when changing panel states. Here’s a quick sample similar to what they showed in the blog post. Feel free to ask any questions.

animatedDPFlip.rp (58.7 KB)

Thanks UXPT — very helpful. I do have some follow on queries.

I can get a simple widget flip from State 1 to State 2 by clicking on the State 1 widget itself (not using related buttons).

However, I can’t get it to cleanly flip back (from State 2 to State 1). When I apply a second case to flip it back, either to Previous or State 1, I get two floating buttons labeled Case1 & Case2. How can I get back to State 1 by clicking the widget while it is in State 2?

That floating button scenario occurs when you have multiple actions without case logic assigned. When axure can’t tell which one to fire, it gives you those two buttons asking you which one should fire. Without seeing your actual file, i’m guessing you’d want to put a case on the first item when panel state is state 1, move to state two. On your second case, put logic that says when panel state is state 2, change to state 1.