Flyout on Repeater Table

How can I get a flyout/popup window to follow the text inside a repeater? The rows have to be able to toggle for selection but when I rollover the Name text (blue type) I want to be able to use the same popup window but just move it based on the row that I select. I started a simple file that I’m posting here.
RolloverPopup.rp (75.4 KB)

Hi Ddynamic,

My first recommendation would have been to place the popup directly inside of your repeater row and turn off the repeater’s “Fit to Content in HTML” setting so that each repeater row showed its own popup without any move actions, but then I noticed that your popup also contains a repeater. Since repeaters can’t contain other repeaters, you can instead try moving the popup panel to the coordinates of your mouse cursor, like so:

In the above sample, I added a bit of padding to both the x and y values to prevent the popup from overlapping the name text and to account for the location of the tip of the popup in relation to its height.

Hopefully this method works!

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Thanks Alyssa,

Your first recommendation is perfect. I actually didn’t need to use a repeater in the popup. I did place the popup in there without the repeater and was trying to figure out why each line was moving, I know the check box your talking about inside the repeater and now I understand why its there. Thanks.
Also I appreciate the other option you gave because now I have 2 approaches. Thanks again!

Actually I had another question regarding this example. I initially used the text link to activate the mouse rollovers on the names but it got annoying because it seemed that you literally have to have the cursor very still over the text otherwise it flickers as you move and hit the white spaces in between. I threw just any size hotspot in the area over the text but what should I do as best practice to have it work on different lengths of text?

Hmm… if you don’t want the entire “Manager Cell” widget to trigger the hot spot, and also want to avoid placing a hot spot, then my next recommendation would be to add a label widget and set its text to [[Item.Manager]] instead of putting that value on the “Manager Cell” widget. You could then add your popup interaction to the label widget. Axure RP’s widgets don’t dynamically resize with text in the browser, but right now it looks like widgets will hold the width of their repeater data text in the browser as long as you don’t cause the repeater to redraw itself (i.e., don’t update, add rows, remove rows, add/remove filters or sorts). If your repeater is going to be static then this could work as an alternative to the hot spot method.

I found a solution
1.rp (66.9 KB)

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Hi Ddynamic
Here a samples of nested twisies:
Flyout on Repeater Table.rp (343.5 KB)

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