Fold page and accidently move it BUG - 折叠页面的时候会不小心移动页面

If I fold a page with many child pages, and the page is the last in the list, then, I will accidently move this page to somewhere. Because when I left click the page to fold it, I can’t release my left click quickly enough. And Axure thinks I want to drag the page.


I once tested, I must release my mouse in 50ms, this is not making prototpye, this is a FPS fight!

Because when I fold the last page, the list will turn from having scroll bar to not having scroll bar. At that moment, my left click is still there, but the page jump upward, then Axure thinks I am draging it.


Now I made myself a temp solution: add many useless folders at the end, to avoid my page to be the last in the list. Don’t tell me to use arrow key, that’s inhuman.


Only folding a page will the BUG appears. Because when we want to fold a folder, we don’t need to left click the arrow icon, we can double click.


I need this BUG fiexed, thank you!