Font Awesome solid glyphs not rendering in Axure 8

I’ve searched high and low in the Axure forums to see if anyone else had this issue, but nothing seems to match what I’m seeing.

I had Font Awesome configured just fine last year, but when I fired up Axure for the first time in a while (and after installing the latest automatic update), only Brand icons and Regular icons are rendering. I went and updated to the latest version of Font Awesome OTFs and CSS, but the issue still persists.

Note that when I paste a solid glyph into Axure, it displays the regular icon, not the solid one. And when I paste a solid glyph that doesn’t have a free regular alternative (such as info-circle), I get the dreaded [?] square. So clearly something is up with the rendering of regular Font Awesome icons.

I’m using Axure RP and Font Awesome Free 5.7.2 on macOS 10.14.3.

Hi! It sounds like you’ve updated the locally installed font as well as your CSS URL, but are seeing that the solid fonts render as question marks or as regular icons instead. If this is the case, then you’ll want to ensure that when you copy and paste the unicode glyph provided by Font Awesome’s site, that when you paste it you also ensure that the correct font family and font style are selected. For example, for the info-circle glyph, to get that icon to render correctly you’ll want to ensure that you have “Font Awesome 5 Free” selected and that “Solid” specifically is selected for the font style:

That should do the trick, provided that there aren’t any page-level fonts overriding the widget fonts via the Sketch effects section of the page style tab. Hopefully that helps!

Hi Alyssa,

Changing the font style did the trick. Though, it has to be done before pasting the glyph. Normally you would expect to be able to highlight the [?] and then select the desired font/style. Highlighting works to convert [?] glyphs to Regular, but not Solid.


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