Font from XD changing to Helvetica on pasting into RP9

I have an existing XD file with the font in Open Sans. When I copy the widget with the Open Sans in it, then paste it into Axure. The fonts are converted to Helvetica. It originally says they are in Open Sans, but they are in Helvetica, then if i go to click to retype, then it says “Helvetica.” I have a huge component sheet i want to convert to Axure, but if I have to change every font, it’s not going to be worth it.

Screenshots here: Screenshots

Hi jcoulter!

Hmm, I just tested out something similar on my machine, but I was able to see the Open Sans font display after pasting my Sketch artboard into Axure RP 9 with the plugin.

One possible cause of this issue could be that if the font used in the Sketch file (“OpenSans-Semibold”) was not installed on your computer, or was currently disabled, it wouldn’t display in Axure RP. You can check your Font Book application for more information on this font, and you can try installing this font if it’s not already available. If the font needs to be enabled or installed, you can close and relaunch Axure RP to start seeing this font in the font dropdown.

I hope that helps!