Font moving in preview

I’m working on a project that uses the font Bebas Neue Bold:

When I view the project in preview mode, all instances of this font (but not any others) are in a slightly higher position:

Here is an RP file to demonstrate:

fontMove.rp (52.5 KB)

Bebas neue can be download for free here:

If I switch it to a different font, this does not happen. Is this just a quirk of this particular font? Is there some way I can prevent this?

it seems like an incompatibility issue with the font - Padding behaves differently in Axure application vs webpage

This is from application, you set the text “align top” + “padding (0,0,0,0)”, but apparently it doesn’t look so

and in the preview webpage, the padding is interpreted correctly, which is the “slightly higher position” you mentioned

there are many workarounds to make the preview look better, but you will anyways feel misaligned in the application